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Summer Intern Insights: A Marketing Intern’s Insider Journey

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Summer internships, like those at PEAK6 companies, pave the way for personal and professional growth. Young students take on a journey of relocating to a vibrant new city, bridging the chasm between theory and practice, and conquering the nerve-wracking possibility of stumbling at the office. Let’s check in with Sophia Romero for a quick Q&A on what it’s like as a new project manager intern for Apex Fintech Solutions

The Power of a Good Summer Intern Program

Headshot of Sophia Romero, 2023 summer marketing intern for Apex Fintech Solutions. Sophia is female presenting and has dark skin with long, flowing dark hair. Her smile is closed-mouthed and bright.
Sophia Romero, 2023 marketing summer intern for Apex Fintech Solutions

PEAK6: Why did you decide to take on a marketing summer internship as a project manager?
Sophia: Interning at Apex Fintech Solutions is actually my second time interning. My first internship helped me immerse myself in the professional world. Projects in the classroom are great, but you don’t see where your work is going. As an intern, you get to see results in real-time.

PEAK6: What made PEAK6 and Apex stand out amongst the crowd?
Sophia: I saw the summer internship posting on LinkedIn. I was looking for an advertising or marketing program. I had never seen a fintech marketing posting before, so I was immediately intrigued. 

PEAK6: What was your process like in choosing an internship?
Sophia: I applied to about four to five internships. PEAK6 and Apex had an easy system and straightforward communication. It eased the process because I always knew what would happen next. The campus recruiting team was great at follow-ups.

PEAK6: Did you have any fears to overcome?
Sophia: With this internship at Apex, it was the fact that I wasn’t well-versed in finance, tech, or fintech. I was nervous about not being able to talk about the topic confidently and having a foundation to build on. But, everyone on the marketing team is always willing to help. And PEAK6 provides access to Lessonly, which is a great resource for learning about topics like trading and clearing — the internship program gives me up to 60 minutes each day to watch videos on Lessonly beyond what I watch in my free time. My manager, Ashlie Williams, has been a great resource.

A young, female-presenting college intern works at a table using a laptop computer
Summer interns get the opportunity to own projects from start to finish

PEAK6: What have you learned about yourself so far?
Sophia: I’ve learned about structure and workstyle — something you can’t learn in the classroom. You have to do it every day and flex it like a muscle. I like that I get to do something a little different each day — developing project briefs, and being looped into different roles and types of projects and campaigns. 

PEAK6: What advice would they give other interns and students looking for summer internships?
Sophia: Make sure you have a clear definition of what you want to get out of your internship so you can find one that fits the role and industry you want to work in. It will help you narrow your search and get through the interview process.

A Glimpse Into a Summer Intern’s Daily Life

PEAK6: What does an average day look like?
Sophia: Oh, lots of meetings. And then tackling all of the tasks that came from those meetings and staying organized.

A Black, female presenting mentor stands beside a young intern at her desk. The mentor is pointing to the computer showing the intern how business is done.
Mentors and supervisors help interns navigate day-to-day business

PEAK6: What is the best part of being a summer intern?
Sophia: I love working with the marketing team and the rest of my intern cohort. I love getting to know them and hearing about the processes in the different departments. The marketing team is great.

PEAK6: Is there a downside to being an intern?
Sophia: There can be an overwhelming learning curve. But the PEAK6 internship program helps us accept that we aren’t supposed to know everything, and they encourage us to ask as many questions as possible.

PEAK6: Do you have any advice for the next marketing summer intern?
Sophia: Make sure you know what your work style is and what your manager’s work style is. It helps inform how you and your team will work best — and create open lines of communication. 

Fast Facts

PEAK6: What tool can’t you live without?
Sophia: My phone. It helps me know updates when I can’t be on my laptop. I can check Slack and email while traveling between home and work or if I step away from my desk for a bit.

PEAK6: What motivates you?
Sophia: My mom. She’s equipped me with what I need to succeed, and she’s always there to support me.

PEAK6: Your best moment so far?
Sophia: We’ve been doing Fintern Friday — it’s a great way to know the other interns in a low-pressure setting. 

PEAK6: Funniest moment so far?
Sophia: There are always small funny things happening! My first day was virtual, and when I switched to the work laptop the lighting and Zoom box were completely orange. Everyone looked normal, and I was lit up like a clementine!

PEAK6: Office vs. work from home?
Sophia: I like the office better. I like the routine in the mornings. 

PEAK6: Favorite food?
Sophia: Pizza!

PEAK6: Favorite restaurant near Apex’s Dallas office?
Mi Cocina, a Tex-Mex spot.

PEAK6: Dream project?
Sophia: A dream project would be something that has to do with experiential marketing so that people can better understand the financial/fintech industry in a memorable way.

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