The PEAK6 logo has a bold typeface with slightly rounded edges. The'A' in the word PEAK is a multi-faceted triangle in deep navy blue tints to create a prism effect.

We Are

Technologists Engineers Traders

PEAK6 Capital Management logo.
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Committed to Building a Better World Through Technology

We are risk takers. Problem solvers. Curiosity explorers.

In 1997, PEAK6 Capital Management developed one of the first tech-based solutions to optimize options trading. And we haven’t stopped innovating since. We constantly work to make things better, more useful, and more valuable.

For more than 25 years, PEAK6 Capital Management LLC has excelled through a blend of financial acumen, the ability to manage risk, and cutting-edge technology. 

We Follow Opportunities,
Not The Status Quo

A proprietary options trading firm that trades U.S.-listed equities and provides liquidity to the U.S. options market, PEAK6 Capital Management strategically accumulates and manages an inventory of long and short options contracts over extended periods from days to years to consistently provide liquidity when it’s needed.

We collaborate with our team of top technologists, engineers, and traders who leverage proprietary tech and a data-first approach to maintain inventory and stay ahead of the markets, so customers can, too.

Whether it’s a major financial institution or a retail investor, we’re ready to supply liquidity at a moment’s notice.

Image of traders working in the trading office, each desk set up with multiple screens to monitor the markets.