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Poker Power Partners with World College Poker to Empower Women Through Poker Education on College Campuses Worldwide

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CHICAGO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Poker Power, a women-led company that teaches poker to all who identify as female, is pleased to announce a new partnership with World College Poker, the leading provider of campus-based poker education and tournaments.

Poker Power ‘flips the table’ on the male-dominated card game and empowers young women to become the leaders of tomorrow by giving them the strategy, risk assessment, discipline and social skills needed to succeed – both in the game of poker, and the game of life. Providing and supporting education for college-aged women further delivers Poker Power’s mission to teach one million women how to play the game.

This coming December, World College Poker launches its inaugural Fall Brawl tournament. Open to all college students ages 18 or older, there is no entry fee and no gambling allowed. In 2021, World College Poker’s regional championships begin in March with eight worldwide regional champions crowned throughout the year, culminating in a final table in December 2021.

In addition to sponsoring the year-long tournaments, Poker Power is the exclusive provider of female-focused poker education via the World College Poker EDU website. Through 4-, 8-, and 12-week free lessons, Poker Power prepares college-aged women to take their seat at the table, compete in the WCP tournaments and win.

“World College Poker is thrilled to have Poker Power bring their game-changing lessons to women on campuses across America,” said co-founder of WCP, Craig Tapscott. “As our exclusive partner in female-focused education, we can flip the table on this male-dominated game and, in turn, get an influx of smart, dedicated female players that will leave their mark on poker for years to come.”

While public perception of poker has grown warmer in recent years, many still see the game as nothing more than a means of gambling. Poker Power’s goal is to clean up this image, showcase the game’s ability to improve essential life tools for players and give women a chance to sit at the table, where they can learn and practice skills that prepare them to be the leaders of the future.

“Forget the stereotype of cigar smoke-filled backrooms, big egos and high-stakes pots,” said Jenny Just, Founder of Poker Power. “Poker Power is about fostering a female-only environment where risk assessment, critical thinking and confidence-building are the prizes at stake.”

A co-founder of the private investment and technology firm PEAK6, Just knows how understanding poker can translate into real-world success. In fact, PEAK6 is so devoted to harnessing the power of poker that learning the game is a core component of the firm’s summer internship program. PEAK6’s commitment to advancing women also includes innovative programs for female college students such as the Women’s Trading Experience and the Women’s Technology Experience, which provide students with internships to learn firsthand about careers in finance and tech.

Delivered via a completely digital, interactive experience and with a soon-to-be launched female-friendly poker app, Poker Power leads the movement to empower women with skills that matter from the classroom to the boardroom. Poker Power does not permit real money transactions or gambling in its clubs. Instead, the members win a pot of skills that are far more valuable.

To learn more about Poker Power, visit and follow #pokerpower on social media.

About World College Poker

World College Poker was created to cultivate an online community of college players who have both passion and intrigue for the game. Its ultimate mission is to elevate the college poker player’s experience and offer burgeoning players a launching pad to up their game, strut their stuff, and cement their name in poker history. Registration for the inaugural 2020 Fall Brawl is now open and free to enter for all US-based students. To learn more about World College Poker, please visit

About Poker Power

Poker Power is a company led by women for women with the goal of teaching one million women how to play the game. Through a global network of clubs, tournaments and corporate events, Poker Power utilizes gameplay to build confidence, challenge the status quo, learn strategy and assess risk. By empowering women with these skills, we can change the future for generations to come. To learn more about Poker Power, please visit

About PEAK6

PEAK6 is a private investment and technology firm that invests in a diverse group of public and private companies, including multiple investments in the sports industry, ranging from European football teams to sports technology companies. Founded in 1997 by Jenny Just and Matt Hulsizer, the firm invests across various stages of a company’s development, from growth to later stage. PEAK6 takes a long-term and flexible approach to investing by building relationships with entrepreneurs and management teams to align interests, transform businesses and create lasting value. To learn more about PEAK6, please visit .

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