Party Like a PEAK6er

How do you top the combo of NASCAR and Imagine Dragons?

Or a Wild West party with headliner Keith Urban?

PEAK6 rolled out the G.O.A.T. of all parties this year to commemorate our 25th Anniversary.

Pop and R&B superstar Bruno Mars and Billboard Hot Country Songs chart-topper Sam Hunt kept the music flowing as PEAK6ers, dressed as their choices for Greatest of All Time, enjoyed a 3-D Avatar station, a killer collection of the best arcade games, amazing food, living statues of history’s greatest, and actual goats (really). One even had a Michael Jordan jersey on in a nod to our Chicago roots.

At PEAK6, we believe it’s important to take a little time off each year from blazing trails, innovating technology, and creating the next big thing to celebrate with our co-workers and enjoy ourselves.

Want to know what next year’s party will be? Join our team to RSVP.

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