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Dive in: Trending Fintech Jobs and the Skills to Help You Succeed

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As the fintech industry continues to grow and evolve, so do the jobs and skills needed to make your way in the industry. Whether you’ve just started learning more about the industry and what it takes to break in or you’re looking for ways to grow your current role and skills, there’s plenty to learn — and not just for those with a technical background. Here are some trending jobs within fintech:

Product Manager

This is the person who oversees the full process of a product’s lifecycle. From development and launch through performance and updates, Product managers collaborate across teams to ensure everything needed for success is handled. They will work to understand market needs and consumer trends to help craft the right strategy, guide product features, and maintain stakeholder relationships. This role requires both people and project management experience as well as knowledge of the industry itself — not just fintech, but where the product lands in consumer markets as well.

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App Developer

From a top-level point of view, app developers bridge the digital gap in relationships between consumers and the services they wish to use. App development can take many different forms depending on each company and product — from desktop and mobile platforms to backend applications for tracking analytics. App developers will need a solid understanding of the product, operating systems, and databases along with the skills and program language(s) to get the job done. Insights into user experience are key, as is critical thinking for on the fly edits and updates. Both front-end and back-end developer roles are in demand, bringing the tech side of fintech even more forward.

Data Analyst

The more the fintech industry grows, the more complex it becomes — which is where data analysts come in to make sense of it all. Knowledge of mathematics and statistics, programming languages and software, and data trends are vital for this role. As companies produce more digital services and content, data is easier to track. That tracked data is the source of future insights into product and business success. Data analysts will use their expertise in finance, mathematics, and machine learning to track trends, build strategies, and provide advice for better business decisions. Automation experience is a key skill to have to keep things efficient and personalized to each report’s needs.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain provides a secure and transparent record of transactions — from cryptocurrencies to medical records — and blockchain developers work to create and maintain applications that work within the architecture of the system and allow access to consumers. Thousands of transactions and pieces of data can be stored in a single “block,” giving this role major versatility in the ways it is utilized — so follow your interests. Blockchain developers are needed in payment processing applications, security architectures, and even user interface design. To succeed in this role, you’ll want to build up a foundation of knowledge in cryptography, networking concepts, distributed ledger technology, data structures, and programming languages.

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Compliance Officer

With the fintech industry continually evolving, more oversight — from both internal and government entities — is required to do business. A compliance officer works across the business to ensure internal policies and external regulations are met, reducing business risks and correcting workflow where necessary. This role is important to both day-to-day workflow and stakeholder relations. The transparency that comes from compliance initiatives also builds consumer confidence. A compliance officer should understand finance, economics, and business — with additional insight into ethics, statistical analysis, and automation.

There’s Always More to Learn

While many of the top trending jobs in fintech have technical background knowledge required, it’s only a portion of the roles available in the industry. Sales and marketing are always needed to bring products to consumers as well as other traditional business positions. It takes a full team to create a business. So, how can you succeed in a fintech company even if you are less familiar with the tech side of things? Some skills that are growing in demand and helpful in any position are:

AI Automation

This trendy work can be used in nearly every job nowadays. From Google’s Bard and Chat GPT to internal, proprietary artificial intelligence programs, automation is a great way to make your work day more efficient. AI can be applied to assist in everyday office tasks, teach new skills, improve accuracy, edit content, gather research, and more. This technology will keep evolving along with the fintech industry itself, and the time to learn it is now.


Creative thinking isn’t just for those who work in marketing or design departments. We all need to stretch our creative muscles at work now and then, even if the result is less flashy. Product updates, rethinking data, quick fixes, answering unexpected questions, and innovating business strategy all require out of the box thinking. If you’re thinking on your feet or trying something new, you’re using those creative muscles. Embrace it and find ways to impart even more innovation in your role — whatever it may be.

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Relationship Building

Understanding people is key to any role, company, or industry. Open communication and honesty are major pieces in building solid relationships and rapport with your team. The better you work with those in your company, the more efficient your work will be — especially across departments. If you lack a technical background, having a solid relationship with your coworkers who are trained in those areas will be a gamechangers in your daily to-dos.

However you find yourself within the fintech industry, there is a place where you and your skillset are best utilized. The future is looking bright for PEAK6, our portfolio of companies, and many other fintech businesses — take advantage of all we have to offer. Dive in and find the best space for your skills and your passion. Your next career opportunity could be waiting for you just around the corner.

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