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Tech Innovation Meets Opportunity: Calling All IT Specialists

Desktop Support Analysts are essential to business performance because they help teammates have a smooth and productive work environment. They provide a safety net for colleagues by quickly resolving IT difficulties with their technical competence and problem-solving skills. Desktop Support Analysts are the unsung heroes who fix software bugs, hardware issues, and new equipment so teammates can focus on their work. But it’s their patience and friendliness that encourages users and empowers employees to navigate the digital world. These devoted specialists increase productivity, reduce downtime, and improve the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness by maintaining a seamless IT infrastructure. This article explores the career of one IT professional at PEAK6 Investments and why his work is so important.

Working in Information Technology (IT) Is a Calling

Headshot for Jonas Davidow, a Desktop Support Analyst for PEAK6 Capital Management.
Jonas Davidow, Desktop Support Analyst for PEAK6 Capital Management

Jonas has always been interested in how technology might be used to better people’s lives. He went to coding camps as a kid even though he clearly had a strong interest in performing and musical theater. “I just loved being able to create and build something of my own,” says Jonas Davidow, a desktop support analyst for PEAK6 Capital Management.

Davidow graduated from Drake University with a Bachelor in fine arts — not exactly where you’d expect a career in IT to come from. He tried his hand at being a leasing agent, and then found a good fit as a desktop support person with Groupon where his personality and desire for solving problems came to shine. But, in 2014, a friend recruited Davidow to work from home as an Apple support agent, which he did for four years. 

“Working from home really wasn’t for me, so by 2018 I was grateful that I could switch to working in an Apple store,” Davidow says. First, he learned hardware repairs, then became a tech expert, and finally became a certified blue shirt Apple Genius. 

How did he take the leap to corporate desktop support analyst? Patrick Cummings, current VP of Technology Experience at PEAK6, was put on to Jonas via internal recruiters who found him on LinkedIn. It was the customer service and physical work of IT troubleshooting at PEAK6 that was appealing to Davidow. When he researched the company (because why trust a random reach from LinkedIn he said), Davidow learned he knew someone who had worked for PEAK6 and the opportunity got him excited. 

You see, PEAK6 runs both Mac and PC environments, and this got Davidow interested in learning the Windows platform. “When it comes to the Mac vs. PC debate, it will always be Mac for me,” says Davidow. Coupled with working at a great company, learning PC hardware and software for PEAK6 was another challenge for solving problems for people.

Empowering Others in the Digital Landscape

A day in the life of a desktop support analyst is unpredictable. Indeed, you never know what kind of IT issues you will encounter each day. One moment, you could be troubleshooting a software glitch, and the next moment you could be setting up new hardware for a colleague. As you can see, IT requires adaptability, problem-solving skills, and excellent communication with end-users. No two days are ever the same, making it an exciting and challenging profession for those in the field.

For Davidow, it’s all hustle and bustle. “It could be as simple as rebooting a system, or setting up a new AV for a presentation. Or it’s a “drop everything” situation because I need to help someone in the C-suite immediately,” says Davidow. With so much going on day-to-day, he says that’s what makes him feel so accomplished.
Helping others hits the reward center of the brain, and that’s what a desktop support analyst does: helps others by resolving problems. “The mystery is good,” says Davidow. You see, he enjoys researching new problems — and there’s always something new with the constant evolution of technology.

How to Prep for a Career in Information Technology

To prepare for a career in Information Technology, it’s essential to gain a strong foundation in computer science. Taking courses or earning a degree in computer science will provide a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of IT. Additionally, gaining hands-on experience through internships or part-time jobs in the field will help develop practical skills and allow for networking opportunities with professionals already established in the industry. 

“Keep experimenting and make mistakes,” says Davidow. “Do the research and push the boundaries.” Notably, when Davidow started out in tech, he said he could learn online how to code and fix hardware. He feels fortunate that Apple was great at training, too. But, he says, more prep and study always gives the advantage.

There are more opportunities now than when Davidow started out. For this reason, he hopes kids get involved early and see where their talents and interest lies.

Fast Facts With Jonas Davidow

Tool he can’t live without: His Apple watch. “I do a lot of physical activity and I love tracking food — it also has a phone so I can communicate on the go.

Dream project: Network security infrastructure. It’s so important, especially to us at PEAK6 in the fintech industry. And we, like every org, have a very small group of people working on that.

Free time favorite activity: Running and biking along the Lakefront Trail.

Favorite food: French fries.

Favorite restaurant in Chicago: Thai food in Chicago is amazing. Try Joy’s noodles and rice.

Best thing about PEAK6 Capital Management? The camaraderie.
WFH or in-Office: Definitely in the office.

There are a lot of exciting careers in the fintech space that support the business of finance. Check out our newest PEAK6 career opportunities here.

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