The Suez Canal, Ruby On Rails, And The Fragility Of Infrastructure

On March 23, the bulbous bow of the massive container ship Ever Given lodged into the sandy bank of the Suez Canal in Egypt. It blocked cargo traffic for six days, cost the global economy six billion dollars. The situation inspired millions of memes like this these, largely about futility and ludicrous scale. I’m glad […]

Meet Open-Source Guru Jeff Luszcz

If you see Jeff Luszcz on the train platform clutching a nondescript paper bag, it might contain a hard drive that has all the code of a multinational company on it. Or it might just contain his lunch. There’s no telling. In his last gig, Jeff, who recently joined PEAK6 as the company’s first-ever director […]

(VIDEO) Some of our favorite Raspberry Pi projects

In celebration of Pi Day, our team at PEAK6 compiled some of our favorite Raspberry Pi projects. Watch our Pi Day video or read about our recent projects below. 1. Connecting with Grandma After we all went into quarantine, my grandma became pretty isolated. She had difficulty with Zoom and Facetime, so I built a […]