Meet Sendhil Revuluri, Diversity (and Jeopardy) Champion

Sendhil Revuluri is relentless in his pursuit of the greater good—whether he’s leading diversity in the workplace or competing on a game show. Recognizing Individuality, Together Revuluri joined PEAK6 as managing director, strategic development at the start of 2017. It was immediately clear he had big ideas along with the will and determination to see […]

PEAK6 Hired Its First-Ever Director Of Open Source

In the last 20 years, software development has fundamentally changed. While companies used to write almost every line of code by hand, this is no longer the case. In fact, 99% of codebases audited in 2019 contained open-source components, according to Synopsys’ 2020 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis Report. To learn more about open […]

Podcast: Inventor Dustin Kirkland Featured On Devops Dive Bar

Dustin Kirkland, chief product officer of Apex Clearing, a PEAK6 company, finds himself at the Dive Bar DevOps podcast to sip frosty beverages and talk life and tech with hosts Dave Ambrad, Tim Fairweather and Kyle Bassett. Dustin, who was awarded the “Master Inventor” designation while at IBM, shares how he found his way to […]

Tales from a Romanian car factory

It was 1995, and a bitter-cold winter in Romania. An automotive factory line worker stamped the UPC code from his pack of cigarettes into a car’s VIN number, and my software engineering career was born. Here’s how it all began. I was several years into my tech career as a QA engineer. I’d gone to […]

Simplicity in software design: Start with the right tooling

At a moment when everyone who can work remotely is doing so, simple software design—software programs with simple logic and easy-to-read code—are more important than ever. Lean software designs result in robust systems that are easy to understand and maintain over time. This understandability extends the longevity of your software systems, improves engineering productivity, and […]