Evil Geniuses is out to combat toxicity in esports

Gaming has grown. Big. There are almost three billion gamers across the globe, and players are increasingly diverse in racial, sexual, and gender identities. But while gamers across this spectrum have incredibly powerful experiences, toxic behaviors like bullying and shaming pervade the industry. Evil Geniuses, a PEAK6 company, wants to change this. As a leader […]

Meet Belfast-Based Software Engineer And Pizza Bagel Innovator

Right now: I work as a senior software engineer at PEAK6 NI in Belfast, as part of the Evil Geniuses engineering team. I spend a significant amount of my time figuring how to build better software and how to optimize performance. In the end, it is all really about adding value to the end user. […]

Meet data science whiz Soham Chowdhury

Each day, Soham, who is head of data science for Evil Geniuses, a PEAK6 business, former coach for Cloud9’s professional Counter Strike (CS GO) team, and himself a semi-professional CS GO player, sets out to be more efficient than the day before. Before joining Evil Geniuses in 2019, Soham was at Cloud9 and, earlier, Tesla […]

Meet Gaming Analytics Pro Zach Kamran | Peak6

Zach Kamran, head of technology at esports company Evil Geniuses—a PEAK6 business—may be on the only person working at Evil Geniuses who isn’t an avid gamer. “I’m definitely an outlier,” says Zach. Zach, who earned a BA in computer science with a minor in statistics from the University of Chicago, shared thoughts on sports analytics, […]