Can mentorship attract and keep more women in technology?

Mentorship can be an important tool to professional development. But, like many other aspects of professional life, there is a gender discrepancy. In the U.S., 82% of men have had male mentors, while just 69% of women have had female mentors, according to an Olivet University study. Women in Tech Alliance (WITA), a new employee […]

Evil Geniuses is out to combat toxicity in esports

Gaming has grown. Big. There are almost three billion gamers across the globe, and players are increasingly diverse in racial, sexual, and gender identities. But while gamers across this spectrum have incredibly powerful experiences, toxic behaviors like bullying and shaming pervade the industry. Evil Geniuses, a PEAK6 company, wants to change this. As a leader […]

When fintech talent is more diverse, everyone win(tern)s

For a motivated group of scholars from the Chicago-based nonprofit, the Greenwood Project, an extra-long winter break didn’t mean more time for streaming Netflix. As part of PEAK6’s commitment to Fintech in Action, the college “winterns” joined PEAK6 for its first-ever winternship—and also its first ever virtual winternship—which ran Dec. 7, 2020 to Jan. 15, […]