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Jenny Just and Juliette Hulsizer Share a Winning Hand at TEDxChicago Event.

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Help Jenny and Juliette reach the TED main stage by watching, liking, and sharing their TEDxChicago talk about the power of poker!

In mid-September, Poker Power Co-Founders Jenny Just and Juliette Hulsizer joined several other prominent Chicagoans on the TEDxChicago stage. Their message to the audience was both compelling and insightful: If you want to empower women, teach them how to play poker. 

Among the many lessons poker teaches its players, the mother-daughter duo shared that the game teaches women how to play to win, take risks, and act with confidence, which women are often not encouraged to do.

Through learning the game themselves and encouraging others to do the same, Juliette and Jenny have shown us that when women take a seat at the poker table, they soon learn that poker isn’t just a game; it’s a toolkit for life.

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