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Employee Satisfaction is Boosted by Internal Communication Systems

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Creating an exceptional employee experience is crucial in today’s workforce — to recruit and retain top talent. A good work culture is worth its weight in gold. An internal communications system enables an efficient, connected, and productive workplace that engages employees through personalized and intelligent communications. This article will examine how committing to a powerful platform can help build your company’s culture.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Cropped image of PEAK6 business team working together by using a computer tablet and laptop while sitting at the modern working desk over comfortable office as background.
PEAK6 employees discuss the latest news found on the internal communication systems.

Studies have shown that organizations with strong employee engagement outperform their competitors. Internal communication systems provide a centralized platform for employees to connect, collaborate, and share ideas. According to a 2023 Gallup survey, companies with engaged employees experience 23% higher profitability. 

At PEAK6, our communications platform shares employee stories, celebrates diversity initiatives, and boosts company updates important to employees. It also serves as a vital hub, making short work of connecting people and resources like HR, benefits, and accounting. It’s a one-stop shop for employees.

Next-Level Collaboration and Productivity

Screenshot of the front page of the Lodge, the PEAK6 internal communication system.
Front page of the Lodge, the PEAK6 internal communication system.

Internal communication systems make seamless collaboration among teams, departments, and the growing number of geographically spread employees. According to Harvard Business Review, employees can spend as much as 13 hours a week just managing their email inboxes. To free up time, using social technologies within the workplace can improve productivity by 20-25%, according to the McKinsey Global Institute.

For employees at PEAK6, this means we can dispense information in a hierarchy — with the most vital information coming through email, reducing the number of emails we send to employees. Then on the internal site, top stories are highlighted on top with a traditional slider, scrolling down to less urgent information, and then robust menus to lead to important resources. A weekly newsletter leads employees to the top stories on the internal communication system. A mobile application makes it easy for employees to access information on the go.

Transparent and Timely Information Sharing

Timely communication and access to information are crucial for employees to make informed decisions. Internal communication systems ensure transparency by providing real-time updates, news, and announcements. One benefit is lowering employee anxiety about things they may have overheard or misunderstood. 

One recent study shows that good internal communication generates 4.5 times higher talent retention. Talent retention is one of the biggest cost-savers companies can control, saving time and money on recruiting, training, and onboarding.

Centralized Knowledge Management

Internal communication systems serve as a warehouse of knowledge and information. They allow organizations to store and share important documents, policies, procedures, and best practices. This knowledge-sharing fosters continuous learning and empowers employees to access information when needed.

Employee Feedback and Engagement Measurement

Smiling group of diverse PEAK6 work colleagues talking and working together with a laptop at a desk in a modern office.
Employees explore the Lodge, the PEAK6 internal communication systems.

Internal communication systems often have feedback mechanisms, surveys, and sentiment analysis tools. These features allow organizations to gauge employee satisfaction, collect feedback, and measure engagement. By actively listening to employees, organizations can identify areas of improvement and implement necessary changes.

Back at the PEAK6 internal communication system, it works both like a website and a social media site. Posts can be “liked” and commented on, generating discussions and collaborations. On the back end, essential data is used to analyze and continuously optimize the information being distributed and accessed.

Internal communication systems have become invaluable tools for modern workplaces. By harnessing the power of technology and offering seamless communication and collaboration channels, these systems enhance employee engagement, boost productivity, foster knowledge sharing, and facilitate transparent information flow. The statistics and sources mentioned above emphasize the positive impact of effective internal communication systems on organizational success.

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