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Dive Into the World of Summer Trading Internships for Women+

Students often find themselves on a quest for opportunities to learn and gain practical experience outside of the classroom. Summer internships can open doors to personal and professional development for each student. Still, it takes a bit of daring and grit to take on an internship — sometimes moving to a new city, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, and the anxiety of possibly making a mistake. But a good program will entrust an intern with responsibilities, give insights into industry practices, and offer a glimpse into the inner workings of their desired profession.

We spoke with a new summer trading intern about their first few days and weeks and the obstacles they’ve overcome. Hear from PEAK6 Capital Management trading intern Natasha Thussu Dhar

Making the Decision

Headshot of Natasha Thussu Dhar, 2023 summer marketing intern for PEAK6 Capital Management. Natasha is female presenting and has dark skin with long, flowing dark hair. Her smile is closed-mouthed and bright.
Natasha Thussu Dhar, 2023 summer trading intern for PEAK6 Capital Management.

While some may perceive internships as mere stepping stones, they hold immense potential for personal growth. For Thussu Dhar, she got the bug when working at a few start-ups in high school. So when looking for a college summer internship, she knew what to look for. “I know what I want to do in the future, and I knew choosing where to intern would give me an experience that school just can’t give,” says Thussu Dhar. 

While quality internships can always be found locally, many like Thussu Dhar look nationally for a company and program that matches their unique interests. Thussu Dhar welcomed the opportunity to see America’s third coast in Chicago at PEAK6 Capital Management — after all, she grew up in New Jersey and attends UC Berkeley and has seen the major coasts. 

The PEAK6 Trading Experience for Women Was a Standout

From day one, interns are challenged to embrace new perspectives, adapt to unfamiliar environments, and cultivate essential skills. But finding a program that also meets personal goals is ideal. “I was looking for something that could use both my math and data background,” says Thussu Dhar. She’s always had an interest in finance, something she gained from her favorite mentor: her mom. Watching the movie “The Big Short” with her mom inspired her to invest her high school graduation money in the stock market, dipping her toe in with big names like NVIDIA and Tesla.*

Beyond working in finance, something else drew Thussu Dhar to the program. “PEAK6 had a great emphasis on bringing women in, which was exciting. Other programs may have had other diversity focuses, but this PEAK6 program (Trading Experience for Women) was solely focused on women, which was appealing.

Of course, applying to more than one program is ideal for those seeking a summer internship, which Thussu Dhar did. But PEAK6 stood out again with a great application process. “I found the PEAK6 program on Ripplematch. On that site, you put a profile up of what you’re looking for,” says Thussu Dhar. “I scoped in on PEAK6 and was quickly connected with Lauren McCormack, the campus program manager at PEAK6.” After a short online assessment, Thussu Dhar went through a few interviews and was chosen for the program.

First Day Jitters

Summer internships allow students to flex practical teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Through these experiences, students acquire a deeper understanding of our strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

“I was so nervous when I got to PEAK6,” says Thussu Dhar. “I’m still working through that.” She says the trading world can be daunting, and since she hadn’t taken courses in trading, she was jumping in with a lot of passion and interest. “It was easier to adjust than I thought,” says Thussu Dhar. “Because of the people. The PEAK6 environment makes me welcomed and encouraged to ask questions and challenge myself. It’s hard, but someone in the intern’s cohort, trading team, or mentors is always willing to answer questions.”

Learning About Yourself

Image of a group of diverse young people dressed in business attire. They are inside, sitting on steps and smiling at the camera.
Twenty-six summer 2021 interns in the PEAK6 office from our Trading Experience, Tech Experience, Product, and FinTech internships.

Internships allow students to test the waters and explore different facets of their chosen field. Exposure to diverse projects and departments gives summer interns a comprehensive view of the industry and helps shape their career trajectories. Through this exploration, they might discover unexpected passions or refine professional goals.

Thussu Dhar has always loved learning, which makes a summer internship a good fit. And she’s learning about herself every day. “I love asking questions and raising my hand even when nervous. PEAK6 emphasizes that questioning things is desired, so it’s making me more comfortable doing that.”

Connecting With Mentors

A photo of two women in an office. One woman is older and speaking to the younger woman who is taking notes.
Mentors and supervisors help interns navigate day-to-day business.

Internships provide a fertile ground for networking and mentorship. Matching with professionals who’ve traversed the path we aspire to opens doors to invaluable guidance and support. The PEAK6 Trading Experience for Women program allows summer interns like Thussu Dhar to meet many mentors across the board. She gets to work alongside experienced traders on the trading floor. She presents work to senior leadership, end users, and organizational stakeholders. She’s hearing speakers from influential women throughout the fintech space. “There’s a rush when I come in the office and ask, ‘What’s happening right now?’ Everything moves fast once I’m through the doors, and I’m energized and ready to go.”

At PEAK6, we know our summer interns will not be the same individuals who eagerly embarked on their internship adventures. They will grow, evolve, and emerge as more competent professionals. The role of an internship stands as a pivotal chapter to propel college students forward and shape their character.

Unleash your potential with an internship that will leave you exhilarated and empowered. Check out our internship programs here.

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