By    |   March 21, 2019

CHICAGO – (PRNewswire) – Chicago-based PEAK6 is expanding its New York presence with an office at 888 Seventh Avenue in New York City. The new location will house a team from PEAK6 Capital Management, the company’s core trading business, with a first day of trading slated for July 1.

PEAK6 Strategic Capital, the firm’s capital investment group, will also build a presence in New York, along with employees from other PEAK6 businesses and investments. The midtown office will be the second location in Manhattanfor PEAK6 after the financial district office at 28 Liberty Street occupied primarily by its subsidiary Apex Clearing, a digital custody and clearing platform.

“Opening an office in the financial capital of the world will increase access to new ideas on markets, businesses and technologies,” said co-founder Jenny Just. “This move will allow PEAK6 to enhance its current relationships and partnerships with companies in New York and throughout the tri-state area.”

Co-founder Matt Hulsizer adds, “We see this expansion as a commitment to exploring new business opportunities and partnerships with other firms. We are excited to take a more active role in the New York fintech community and take advantage of the city’s unparalleled range of talent, culture and resources.”

About PEAK6

Founded in 1997 by Matt Hulsizer and Jenny Just, PEAK6 is an operating company utilizing expertise in technology and operational excellence to invest in financial markets, transform businesses, empower entrepreneurs and build startups. PEAK6 is one of the first firms to develop proprietary technology to more efficiently manage risk in the options market. From this singular focus, the firm is continuing to innovate, growing PEAK6 into a diverse group of thriving, successful businesses spanning across the financial services sector.